Race Day Checklists

As introduced in our previous newsletters, checklists were assembled as good reminders for the numerous tasks & hardware that we would need for racing. Note that going through checklist items and organizing the records can be done by an enthusiastic pit crew member, such as a spouse, relative, or friend who is intimate with the […]

Turbocharged Methanol Info

World Champ Pro Street In this section, we focus on turbocharging that is discussed in over 40 pages of our methanol racing fuels manual. At the SEMA show, we met Larry Larson. He is world champ in street car racing in the quarter mile at 6.16 seconds, 219 MPH. LATEST UPDATE AS OF 11/24/2014: Larson […]

Clearing up ambiguous information — blower size

I had an interesting email exchange with a very knowledgabel and astute racer that I thought I would share. I’m happy to see he noticed the differences: I noticed an error in the “Superchargers for IHRA” article… “One way of looking at where all of that power came from is to look at the displacement […]