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Rons Fuel Injection FAQ’s

Ron Fuel Injection makes cost effective throttle body kits, throttle assemblies, fuel pumps, & other parts for both normally aspirated and supercharged engines; and EFI setups with HALTECH engine management systems. Excerpts from their site to common questions about fuel injection: “WHY SHOULD I SWITCH TO ALCOHOL (METHANOL) FROM GASOLINE? … makes the car a […]

Volumetric Efficiency in Normally (Naturally) Aspirated Racing Engines

Normally (naturally) aspirated racing engines usually operate over an engine RPM range.  Tuning for performance is often needed especially with air density changes.  That usually involves two different engine speeds that are key to high power.  These are the torque peak RPM and the horsepower peak RPM.  Engine design establishes the specific engine speeds for […]