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High HP from Rons MFI Throttle Bodies

Rons Fuel Injection provided MFI throttle body flow data so that we could analyze the power potential of these low cost, simple fuel injection systems. Racing engine sizes and horsepower potentials were determined at these flow cfm numbers for 100% air density, and are included. Rons FI MFI Toilets 3-3/4″ = 1240cfm: can feed 595 […]

Pulsing the Fuel Curve

Outlaw ProMod drag racing setups with mechanical fuel injection are hitting over 4,000 horsepower. The oversize PSI screw blowers at high overdrive ratios are common. These are not legal in most national drag racing classes. But in eighth mile outlaw racing, they are common. Horsepower levels in the 3,000’s are typical on the launch with […]

Fuel Injection Nozzle Fuel Velocity

Recently, we did an analysis of fuel velocity coming out of a mechanical fuel injection nozzle. Fuel velocity is a function of fuel pressure. Higher pressures make higher fuel velocities. We found that fuel velocities from common fuel pressure ranges were below the port air velocity in normally aspirated engines. This could explain why, in […]

Idle & Low End Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Tool, Flared/Radiused Jet Orientation

We are now developing techniques using our jetting calculator to set up idle air to fuel ratio for really good MFI racing engine tuning.  Idle settings in many MFI racing engines are key to superior performance from engine temperature and off idle response. That is done by adjusting the combination of idle vacuum (throttle blade […]

Fuel Injection Tuning Established by Racing Class Rules

Mechanical fuel injection (MFI) is the standard in many racing categories such as drag racing, circle racing, high speed events, and slalum. All of these have restrictive rules that affect MFI setup & tuning. Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, ProMod, and several Nostalgia racing categories are examples in drag racing.  MFI provides the ability to modulate […]

Race Day Checklists

As introduced in our previous newsletters, checklists were assembled as good reminders for the numerous tasks & hardware that we would need for racing. Note that going through checklist items and organizing the records can be done by an enthusiastic pit crew member, such as a spouse, relative, or friend who is intimate with the […]