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Tips and tricks from Bob.

Hilborn Nozzle Size List

Both our Pro-Calcs calculator and our publications illustrate nozzle sizes in diameter.  Hilborn FI nozzles are stamped in flow numbers.  A list is provided showing: Hilborn nozzle flow numbers (times 0.01 equals flow in GPM) approximate nozzle diameter in inches (from Don Enriquez, Hilborn) pressure calibration value called volume area factor or VA factor that […]

Safety Certifications Checklist

Safety certifications When you arrive at a racing event, the last thing you need is trouble searching for safety certification info for the race event inspector.  We wrote out everything on a Safety log and handed a copy to the inspector.  The safety inspection was completed easily, and we could concentrate on the race day […]

New Driver – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last newsletter about relaxation for new drivers.  I am now a professional spectator and I often see new teams with a new driver.  However occasionally I see situations that remind me of what I went through in my early days of racing.  Because of ‘new race driver blues’ and […]


We are well into the new year.  To help racers, we are offering downloads of text files of two of our organizational checklists.  With these files, the racer can add or delete items from a copy as needed. Throughout our past racing, we wrote up checklists of tasks as reminders.   That started after oversights in […]

Fuel Injection Setup & Tuning

… by Experience & Gut Feel Throughout the racing community, experience and gut feel are the most common methods for the selection of nozzle and jet size numbers for setup and tuning of mechanical fuel injection. It is a form of iteration or ‘connecting the dots’. Given enough time and expense, experience from good and […]

Uniform Standard of Units

Throughout our publications, air intake and fuel delivery values are converted to a ‘uniform standard of units’. That is “pounds per revolution”. The tuning demands for weight of air and weight of fuel become easy to understand, record, and analyze with that numerical value. And easy to change in fine tuning increments with this simple […]

Jetting for Turbocharged Engines, Rotary Engines, & Other Fuels

Recently we set up procedures using Pro-Calc to determine nozzles & jetting for turbocharged racing engines with mechanical fuel injection. In addition, we set up procedures using Pro-Calc to determine nozzles & jetting for rotary racing engines with mechanical fuel injection. We are currently setting up procedures using Pro-Calc to determine nozzles & jetting for […]