Bad Advice about Tire Shake

Years ago at a drag strip in Michigan, I was testing my funny car dragster. I thought it had a tire shake problem. Some macho passerby’s in the pits said “If you can’t drive through tire shake, you don’t belong behind the wheel!” The next run, I launched and the vibration was so bad, I could barely see. I followed my advise givers and stayed in it to try to drive through it. At 189 MPH and almost blind, I crossed the center line. My car hit the high end cone, taking out half of the body panels. I spent the winter gluing the car body back together. Later, I learned that I had
a tire balance problem. It was not tire shake. The passerby’s advice was inadequate and irresponsible for a new driver/car owner such as me at that time.

Clutch Too Tight; Too Much Shake

Many years later at a track on the West Coast, my funnycar occasionally had tire shake when I
shifted into second gear, and I would let up to regain control

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