Question: Can we put an 8-71 blower on a high output, normally aspirated Big Block V-8 with very high compression ratio (15 to 1)?
Answer: The detonation can be controlled with enrichment and air to fuel ratio control, theoretically regardless of the compression ratio. However, I am not sure about the mechanical strength of the components.? With that real high compression using a blower and a wedge head, the power stroke starts on one side of the dome. If you are using short skirt pistons or pistons that are not full circumference at or below the wrist pin (typical of normally aspirated high output engines), you may have a problem with skirt deflection, breaking a piston, or galling it. An 8-71 Roots blower, at 10% overdrive, theoretically pumps the same amount of air as an engine approaching 900 cubic inches. The math for that is in Fuel Injection Racing Secrets. Stuffing that amount of air into your BB engine gets a lot of boost and loading. FYI; Our book 5000 Horsepower on Methanol provides information about actual compression ratio with supercharging including simple math on how to determine it.