Kingdon Street Races New Years Day — Lodi Ca.

Kingdon Drags Street Drags; When: New Years Day: Jan. 1, 2015. Location: Kingdon Air Port, Lodi, Ca.
10am – 3pm; Gates open at 8am; Arm drop, flash light or flag drop. Judges, no timers; Fun and grudge runs; Street car shoot out at the end of the day. (Street Car Rules below apply) $40 car and driver. $5 general admin. Simple street rules: Mufflers (no cutouts,) Turbo(s) without muffers accepted. Current registration. Helmet (DOT or SFI). Coolant overflow bottle. Seat belts (DOT or SFI). Battery hold down. Slicks allowed. Bring your own VHT. Race cars can do fun runs but are ineligible for shootout if mufflers and current registration arent presented. Thank you very much. Geo (209)401-6499