Sprint Car Racing Stockton 99, Ca. June 15-16

Dani Noceti & staff at Stockton 99 speedway did another great job organizing this event. All of these racecars on pavement are fast. The turn-around of the various classes was very quick. The racer participants kept their cars reliable with few show interruptions. I was impressed with all of the fuel injection cars storming out of the turns. There were two cars with six 2 barrel carbs on ram manifolds; very impressive. A lot of families were present enjoying the racing vibrations. Thanks to the staff for all their effort conducting on a great show.

Tom Manning Memorial race: Gun Slingers Wing Sprint Car Series, Midgets, Vintage Midgets, Ca Hard Top, Legends & others. We’ll be there taking photos and studying the setups. Let us know if you are racing, and we’ll look you up.