Checklists (Continued …)

As introduced in our previous newsletters, we assembled checklists as good reminders for tasks & hardware that we would need for racing.

In this Newsletter, checklists are provided for preparation that we did prior to race day.  As we would think of a task or item during preparation, we would add that to one of the checklists.  Every time we forgot a preparation task or item in an outing, we would add that to one of the checklists for the next outing.

Checklist Prior to Race Day

o        Fire bottles tight
o        Fire bottles full
o        Fire bottle actuator cables tight
o        Fire bottle weight
o        Fire bottle safety pins in
o        Tac battery charged
o        Tac battery connected
o        Tac light works
o        Shift light connected
o        Shift light works
o        Shift light lens available for night-time
o        Shift light correct RPM chip
o        Fuel tank clean & secure
o        Fuel lines clean
o        Fuel lines tight
o        Fuel lines tie wrapped
o        Fuel pump mount tight
o        Fuel shut-off works
o        Fuel shut-off lever can be reached with fire suit on
o        Fuel injection lines tight
o        Idle, main bypass, and high speed lines clean & tight
o        Blower fuel injection hat tight
o        Throttle plates tight
o        Throttle shaft inspection: bending, cracks
o        Throttle goes to fuel open
o        Throttle free of any binding, opening & especially closing
o        Linkage free from body or frame interference
o        Throttle return springs strong enough to close throttle
o        Throttle shuts with pedal lift
o        Proper jetting installed for first run
o        Fuel system poppets clean and free of any binding
o        Idle poppet set to ______ psi
o        High speed poppet set to ______ psi
o        Port nozzle poppet set to ______ psi
o        Fill engine oil
o        Set cold valve lash
o        Lube cylinders
o        Lube valve train
o        Oil filter clean & tight
o        Manifold tight
o        Blower snout tight
o        Blower gear case pressure relief
o        Blower torqued to manifold 120 inch pounds
o        Blower belt inspection
o        Blower belt tight; 1 inch horizontal play
o        Front pulley hub tight
o        Oil pan bolts tight; pan not leak
o        Plug wires not frayed; date new: ______________
o        Coil wire not frayed
o        Cap & rotor tight
o        Magneto points set to 0.016 inches
o        Set ignition advance ________________
o        Spark plugs gapped
o        Extra plugs gapped
o        Clutch inspection cover tight
o        Clutch pedal adjusted
o        Clutch adjusted
o        Trans filled with fluid
o        Shift towers tight
o        Shift force set to 35 lbs. or more
o        Fwd & reverse shift levers adjusted & tight
o        Drive shaft in
o        Drive shaft tight
o        Rear end fluid full
o        Floater axle retainer bolts tight
o        Wheel studs torqued
o        Inner liner pressure passenger 45 psi
o        Inner liner pressure drivers 45 psi
o        Passenger tire durometer hardness (less than 40?) ______
o        Drivers tire durometer hardness (less than 40?) ______
o        Passenger tire pressure ____ (bias for run-out difference)
o        Drivers tire pressure _____ (bias for run-out difference)
o        Passenger tire run-out at __________ psi
o        Drivers tire run-out at ___________ psi
o        Toe-in setting
o        Wheel bearings tight? No tire wobble
o        Front tire inspection
o        Passenger front tire pressure ____________ psi
o        Drivers front tire pressure ____________ psi
o        Brake handle adjusted
o        Brake handle cracks?
o        Brake reservoir full
o        Brake fluid leaks?
o        Brakes binding or dragging
o        Chute cables work
o        Pilot chute strap inspection
o        Pilot chute inspection
o        Chute inspection
o        Chutes packed
o        Chute cables pinned
o        Puke tank empty
o        Puke tank lines, tank leak free
o        Seat belts inspection
o        Seat belt inspection
o        Seat belt quick release inspection
o        Racecar body mounting & pins inspection
o        Racecar body clean
o        Racecar frame clean
o        Plug gap set (0.015 to 0.020 inches for magneto)
o        Plugs installed in engine
o        Plug wires firing order inspection
o        Spare plugs gapped
o        Starter batteries charged
o        Battery terminals and cable connections clean & tight
o        Battery box clean.