5000 Horse Power on Methanol

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Hi Letty,
Thanks for the speedy service. I'm looking forward to getting a grip on your latest volume. It has a lot to live up to following Bobís great fuel injection book.

Regards, Mark.

Hi Bob. My sons Brian and Cody work in my shop with me. Brian set up all this computer stuff. I truck pulled for years with a 392 hemi blown injected engine. Much like you, I learned most of what I know the old way from trial and error. I build street rods for a living. We bracket race an old Crower stack injector sm blk Chevy on alky. We still have a Donovan Hemi in a 48 Topolino. Thanks for the books. They are great!!! We read the first one from cover to cover! I found myself recalling problems that could have been solved with a common sense approach like yours. Well thanks Bob and keep on racing!

Jim, Brian, and Cody Paul

I am only part way into this methanol book, and already it gives insight and helps explain ins and outs of the tune-up such as spark advance. It provides the newer technology available and many avenues of getting to the end. It is put in ways that you can all understand. Bob tells what he knows and what he speculates. He spent a lot of time with racing experiments, and that is reported. The information is in ways that are enjoyable to learn.

Frank Prescott, a drag racing technologist, crew chief and engine builder for a consistent 6.5 sec. blown methanol IHRA bracket Top Dragster and a 6.2 sec. blown methanol match race funnycar. Prescott's racecars run 0.94 sec. 60 foot times on marginal racetracks. Those are about the best there are for bracket and match racecars. Prescott, racing fuel injection since the '70s, also an accomplished hydraulics and pneumatics system designer / builder, is a fierce competitor out of the Northern Ohio area.

5,000 HORSEPOWER ON METHANOL is a comprehensive essay on all aspects of methanol fueled reciprocating engines. It is absolutely required reading for anyone contemplating building or racing a methanol fueled engine. The thrust of the book is racing, however it also contains a vast assemblage of information that is applicable to other methanol fueled applications, such as industrial and marine engines, as well as daily driver cars.

Enthusiasm, determination, a love for the sport, and even a little luck are all very important aspects of racing. However, when all is said and done, knowledge is the single most important factor that determines which racer is a winner and which racer is a loser. This book contains that knowledge.

The word "esoteric" (definition: confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle) pops right out when describing this book, While it is far from light reading, author Szabo has gone to great lengths to break down each concept and make it understandable. There is, of necessity, a certain amount of math, chemistry, and physics but the reader is walked through it step by step. The book is plenty technical, make no mistake about it, however the material is presented in such a manner that the reader with a basic grasp of engine tuning or building can greatly benefit from it. Then, as the reader gains knowledge and experience with the utilization of methanol, the more technical aspects of the book can be appreciated and utilized.

Health and financial dangers abound when racing with a methanol fueled engine. The oft heard phrase, "Knows just enough to be dangerous" has multiple meanings in this instance. Health dangers due to contact with methanol and methanol fumes are well known and documented. Engine disasters are dangerous to the driver, crew, and spectators. Not to mention the finances. This book will pay for itself many times over, if it just once keeps the reader from a methanol related health issue or injury, or prevents an engine blow up.

-Dan Miller

Hi Bob. Don B. here, I already have two of the 5000, books; one for Frank and one for me this time. I like them because I can actually read them with out a magnifying glass; and for all the info. Thanks.

-Don B.

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