New ProTuning Package coming 2017

We are working on a new tuning package for our fuel injection jetting calculator, ProCalc. We can set up ProCalc specific to your combination. If you have a flow bench test, dynamometer setup, or prior runs, we can transfer that to ProCalc. We are matching brake specific fuel consumption, air to fuel ratio, and other fuel injection characteristics. ProCalc jetting baselines are developed to take your engine to any air density or elevation with optimum jetting extrapolated from your baseline using fuel injection jetting science.

We are finding solutions to all kinds of problems with current setups from flow bench errors, dynamometer test errors, and problems from less than optimum run results from the track. Fuel pressure too low or too high, mixture too rich or too lean, uncalibrated dynamometers that explain a loss of performance between the dyno and the race track, shortcomings in flow bench recommendations, and many others. This package will be available through dealers as well. More information is coming. Email me at for more info or call California, USA (916) 400-3953.