Team Boddie @ Sacramento Raceway 4-12,13-2019 post event coverage

The Boddie team did another great job of hosting a fine drag racing door slammer & motor cycle event.  Spectacular Pro Mods competed side-by-side for round-after-round racing.  Street and cycle racers competed in a lot of close competition.  A thousand spectators, just near the starting line, were witnessing the competition antics and round wins with high emotion!  Spark plug readings were abound throughout the pits although air density deviated only between 96 & 99%.  Density altitude deviated only between 200 & 1,400 ft.  That small amount of air weight change accounted for only a 3% needed change in fuel weight delivery to the racing engine.  That is a small change and possibly ignored by some of the better dialed-in setups. EFI racing engines were tuning with the lap top.  MFI engines needed only minor jetting changes if any at all.  Several Enderle and Hilborn fuel injection setups.  Rons MFI as well.  Grid and launch control was throughout.  Few oil downs.  Couple guard rail skirmishes.  Big tire as well as small tire setups. Transmission & differential fialures from high powered engines.  Some engine fualiures.  A lot of high dollar billet & CNC machined racing parts!


New ADO Weather History Retrieval Feature

For racers wanting to reconstruct the weekend weather for record keeping, hit the Sacramento Raceway link at; hit the hISTORY link on the page; enter the EVENT DATE.  All of the air density values for the weekend can be retrieved.

Original Event Announcement

Team Boddie test and tune, Fri. April 12, 2019, Sacramento Raceway

Team Boddie 1/8th mile racing, Sat. April 13, 2019, Sacramento Raceway

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The Event

That time of year again for the wildesssst drag racing event ever at Sacramento Raceway for mega powered door slammer drag racers running 1/8th mile “all-out” competition.  The Boddie Team family, friends, and spectators will be out ‘in mass’ to enjoy a weekend of drag racing.  Last year’s events brought out families and friends in a warm and enthusiastic competition event.  Everyone was polite and enthusiastic.  I felt a feeling of safety at this event, away from the tabloid crisis’ dominating the news!  New racers are always showing up with really sharp high powered racecars and motor cycles.  Most of these motor vehicles frequent the street for car shows and spontaneous auto events around the circuits.  Just about every car or bike model is represented.  You get to see what your car or bike could do from watching a similar model running at the track with a mega motor!  Cars over 2,000 HP are the standard.  Rumor is some of the cars are over 3,000 HP!  4,000 HP!  Maybe even 5,000 HP!  Some of the bikes are 2 to 3 times their original power levels!  How about a turbocharged ‘Harley Hog’ in full dress!

Sacramento Raceway (916) 363 2653

Team Boddie website link

Team Boddie 2017 link from RCB