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Simple Fuel Pressure Gauge for Peak Fuel Pressure Reading

We used a simple fuel pressure gauge with a peak hold needle to record our highest fuel pressure value from a run.  The gauge is an all stainless, bottom 1/4NPT pipe, glycerin filled gauge with a maximum indicating needle. Glycerin filling is needed to dampen the needles from racer vibrations.  Stainless is needed for resistance […]

E85 as a Racing Fuel

E85 is examined as a racing fuel.  E85 is a combination of ethanol and low octane gasoline.  Some racers report more power from E85 than from methanol.  On the other hand, when the Indy Car League converted from methanol to straight ethanol, dynamometer tests revealed a reduction in power after the conversion.


Our books tell how to make a lot of horsepower with fuel injection through precise air-to-fuel-ratio control; done with engine nozzle & jetting setup and tuning. Airdensityonline developed a jetting & air-to-fuel-ratio calculator for web ready devices: cell phone, IPAD, lap top, IPhone, etc.