Checklists (continued)

As introduced in our previous newsletter checklists for packing and safety, we assembled checklists for tasks & hardware that we would need for racing.  As we would think of a task or item during preparation, that item sould be added to one of the checklists.  Every time we forgot a task or item that was not on a checklist, we would add that to one of the checklists (shown next):
Checklist Categories /

packing list (View packing checklist.) end of race day
safety checklist (View safety checklist.) at track tear down & pack
tow vehicle checkout list (below) quarterly
trailer checkout list (below) yearly
at track unpack & setup (future…) inventory
warm up prep safety checklist
check after warm up safety log of certs update
between rounds check out  


Note: Not all items are listed that may be necessary.  These items are a sampling.

Tow Vehicle Checkout List /

tow vehicle emergency tools:

tire jack chains for winter driving
lug wrench portable tire pump
emergency flares tire inflation aerosol can
tire chocks spare fuses for tow vehicle & trailer
flashlight jumper cables
fire extinguisher extension cord for crank case heater
gloves spare tire valves, caps, & valve stems
towels emergency flat fixer kit


tow vehicle legal:

current registration & insurance info driving glasses
current license plates & stickers driver’s license
vehicle insurance card towing regulations
vehicle warranty info jacket


tow vehicle maintenance:

tire pressure & condition (no nails) clean windows inside & outside
spare tire pressure & condition spare window cleaner & towels
spare tire jack & lug wrench check headlights, tail lights
check oil, water, brake fluid, trans fluid check turn signal & parking lights
spare fluids if needed check brakes
clean inside & outside check emergency brakes


tow vehicle misc:

maps race schedule
hotel info GPS
race location info radar detector


Trailer Checkout list /

emergency trailer tools:

trailer tire jack trailer spare tire & mounting
trailer tire lug wrench tire chocks & flares and / or reflectors


trailer legal:

Current registration & insurance info trailer warranty info
current license plates, & stickers trailer instructions
trailer insurance card


trailer maintenance:

tire & spare pressure & condition check interior lights
check trailer brakes check generator oil, battery
check trailer running lights check trailer battery
check brake & turn signal lights trailer water leaks


trailer loading & unloading

trailer ramps connect & disconnect tools
steps cones & barriers