Racecarbook.com publishes technical books / manuals about racing. Research and development is done in the race car, race boat, and other racing fields. Much of that will be reported in our future publications.

Our recent projects include an online jetting calculator for racing mechanical fuel injection. Learn more about it at Air Density Online.

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Our publications include:

Recent projects:

  • blown alcohol funnycar drag racer
  • blown alcohol altered drag racer
  • technical consulting for 5.2 second A-Fuel nitro dragster
  • blown nitro / methanol altered drag race test program
  • technical consulting for airdensityonline.com and http://airdensityonline.com/pro-calcs/
  • technical consulting for 5000 HP engine for land speed racing
  • technical consulting for ethanol powered industrial engine

Previous racing projects:

  • tunnel hull circle boat racing
  • turbocharged Boss 302 Sunbeam Tiger for slalom
  • Rochester fuel injection
  • Tri-power carburetors
  • six 2 barrel carburetors
  • hydrostick racing transmission experience
  • 425 HP Chevy Impala.