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Contaminated Hand Sanitizer

Several hand sanitizers are reported to be contaminated with methanol.  Among those reported on Fox Business News are Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer and several others manufactured in Mexico.  Our 5000 Horsepower on Methanol tech manual has an entire chapter on methanol hazards to skin, lungs, eyes, etc.  It is reported that methanol cannot be made non-hazardous to human exposure, even with sugar additive (occasional ‘wife’s tail’ in the racing pits) or in any other mixtures.

We examined several other brands of hand sanitizers with labels only reading alcohol as the contents.  That is an industry shortcoming.  We researched several of those to confirm ethanol or iso-propyl alcohol.

Ethanol and iso-propyl alcohol are common alcohols used in sanitizers.

Methanol, a common racing fuel, is also an alcohol, but it is not suitable for sanitizers where human contact is made.

All labels of products with alcohol should identify the type of alcohol.  If you or any of your family members have peculiar symptoms after using hand sanitizer or any other sanitizers such as sprays, you should further examine the sanitizer contents.  If methanol is present, that may be the cause.  If so, medical intervention may be needed.


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