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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The end of another racing season north of the equator.  Thanks to all of our fuel injection, methanol, and nitro book customers, my daughter’s ProCalc MFI jetting calculator customers, our ProTune MFI tuning customers, and special thanks to Mike & Tori at Alky Digger, Nashville, TN, USA for all of their support.  They are a dealer for ProCalc and a stocking distributor for all of our books.

Special thanks to Kestrel Air Density Meters, Rons Fuel Injection, Engler Machine & Tool Co. (fuel injection), Enderle, Hilborn, and Kinsler for advertising on my daughter’s air density tuning site:  The site now provides historic air density data back 5 years for most of the USA race tracks and International race tracks listed on the site.  Additional tracks were provided for some of the F1 racing, NASCAR, several kart tracks, and many added tracks on most of the continents around the world.

Note our air density forum thread and contributions to NHRA, IHRA, and other racing events/facilities throughout the year; viewed by over 53,800 visitors:

Note our most recent article in Dragzine and Engine Labs:

Critical Air Scoop Speed With A Forward Facing Air Inlet

Latest news: Hilborn was just purchased by Holley Corp.

Kingdon Drags, Lodi, Ca Sept 6-8, 2019

Drag racing at Kingdon Airport: , Fri. through Sun. Sept. 6-8.

For tuning air density tuning info:

For historic air density tuning info:


Drag racing at Kingdon Airport throughout 2018; although we did not attend this great racing due to our move.


Kingdon Drags, Lodi, Ca Sept 8-10, 2017

We enjoyed this event very much. In addition to hundreds of racecars that included many prostreet cars, blown alcohol, turbocharged, and nitro powered racecars, the event featured a P51 fighter plane flyover and a 250 MPH jet dragster. The staff at the Kingdon event also supplied plenty of shaded seating covered by tents, all real close to the track for a great view. Thanks to Jeff & Brian Shirk & the entire staff of volunteers and airport workers who made this event a success.

Kingdon airport drag races and car show, this weekend, Sept. 8-10; this event brings out hundreds of street, custom, and all out drag racing cars, and thousands of spectotors; let us know if you will be there, and we will look you up.

Team Boddie @ Sacramento Raceway Aug. 9 & 10, 2019 event announcement

Team Boddie promod drag racing; again at Sacramento Raceway. on Friday, August 9 during Tune & Test and on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Air Density / Density Altitude / Grains of Water for racing engine tuning from ADO

Air density, track MAP LOCATION:

Air Density METRIC units, MAP LOCATION:

Air density FORECAST:

HISTORICAL air density example: &

Sacramento Raceway (916) 363 2653

Team Boddie website link


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