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Latest News about Hilborn from Mike Chilando & staff, Alkydigger:

“… Alkydigger has developed all the Hilborn Barrel Valves, Hoses, Nozzles, including a ½-20 Thread Sprint Car Nozzle with a drop in changeable jet to keep replacement costs down to $10 per change.    We are also going to take their (Hilborn) EFI 8 Stacker for the BB Chevy and reverse engineer it to become MFI using our barrel valve and nozzles.

We won’t let it die!  Thank you: Mike, Toni, & Shannon”






Note: Alkydigger is a stocking distributor for our fuel injection books and dealer for our ProCalc jetting & AFR calculator.


Adding Toluene for more octane

Excellent article in Alkydigger web site about adding toluene to gasoline for more octane:

The Surfers top fuel dragster team in the ’60s was known to explore toluene with nitromethane for their racing fuel.

However different fuel mixtures, especially those with nitromethane, are touchy.  They should be avoided without expert consultation!

The Alkydigger article indicates toluene has limitations as well.