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Drag Race wins with ProCalc

Drag racers with very good engine builds and racecar setups who tuned with assistance from our ProCalc / ProTune membership & air density forecasts on

Sept. 19 — Sacramento Governor’s Cup

— 7.0 Pro qualification: Ken Fullerton; tuner >> Kim Lee qualified low @ 7.01 on 7.00 index

— 7.0 Pro winner: Ken Fullerton; tuner >> Kim Lee; elimination results with consistent performance: R1: 7.059, R2: 7.076, R3: 7.015; R4: 7.008

— CIFCA qualification: Tony Trimp; tuners >> Harvey Williams & Chad Chinen qualified low @ 5.95 on a 5.90 index

— CIFCA winner: Tony Trimp; tuners >> Harvey Williams & Chad Chinen; elimination results with consistent performance: R1: 5.96, R2: 5.929, R3: 5.967

Sept. 20 — Sacramento Heritage Series

— 7.0 Pro R/U: Brad Denney; tuner >> AA Fred Merrick; elimination results with consistent performance: R1: 7.037, R2: 7.038, R3: partial run on a BYE, R4: 7.091

Honorable mention: Ron Kolb; tuner >> Kim Lee participating in Nostalgia Eliminator Series throughout the weekend.

Engler Fuel Injection on Sprint Car Ford Engine

Our friends at Engler Machine & Tool Co, manufacturers of racing fuel injection, popular in circle racing and other categories that run mechanical fuel injection, scored a win powering the new Ford Sprint Car engine.  Check out this Engine Labs tech article:


Contaminated Hand Sanitizer

Several hand sanitizers are reported to be contaminated with methanol.  Among those reported on Fox Business News are Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer and several others manufactured in Mexico.  Our 5000 Horsepower on Methanol tech manual has an entire chapter on methanol hazards to skin, lungs, eyes, etc.  It is reported that methanol cannot be made non-hazardous to human exposure, even with sugar additive (occasional ‘wife’s tail’ in the racing pits) or in any other mixtures. Continue reading