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Volumetric Efficiency in Normally (Naturally) Aspirated Racing Engines

Normally (naturally) aspirated racing engines usually operate over an engine RPM range.  Tuning for performance is often needed especially with air density changes.  That usually involves two different engine speeds that are key to high power.  These are the torque peak RPM and the horsepower peak RPM.  Engine design establishes the specific engine speeds for […]

Roots Blower Sizes

Different blower case lengths, often bigger than standard sizes, are available through several of the manufacturers. This can lead to misleading information about how big a blower is with a larger case length. In addition, two of the blower manufacturers provide CFM claims that translate to blowers that are a lot bigger than the standard […]

Latest Racing Resumed

DRAGS — FUNNYCAR CHAOS 2021 (source: EVENT #1 – March 26-27th – TEXAS MOTORPLEX – Ennis, TX >>> air density, density altitude, grains, forecast, historic, wind speed & track map/orientation EVENT #2 – April 23-24th – AMARILLO DRAGWAY – Amarillo, TX OTHER DRAG EVENTS AT AMARILLO: — March 20, 2021; test & tune — […]