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Spectacular New Engine Developments Applicable to Racing

Some new highway engines sport a dramatic change to camshaft timing for improved efficiency, emissions, and performance. Each of these apply to high compression ratio engines. However, they rely on special camshaft timing to reduce the compression ratio to retard pre-ignition. An increased expansion ratio from a higher compression ratio remains that achieves improved engine […]

New blown alcohol fuel injection jetting manuals

We are developing jetting manuals for blown alcohol racing; any suggestions: racing type: drag racing, land, water, high speed, tractor pulling, … Roots blower size: 6-71, 8-71, … 14-71 … low cost setups: 10k, 15k, … high horsepower setups: 2,500, 2,800, … overdrive: 1/1, 10%, 20%, … altitude: sea level, high altitude, … any other […]