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New MFI jetting calculator site:

Our ProCalc mechanical fuel injection jetting calculator was transferred to our new site: All related services to our product were transferred as well, such as our fuel injection consulting service. Site services review: MFi calculator description: MFI calculator consulting services: MFI calculator website description: Air density calculater: Tech articles: […]

Fuel Injection Jetting for Ram Air

For a mechanical fuel injection (MFI) engine with a forward facing air scoop, ram air into the scoop increases with speed.  At about 200 MPH, a 14% increase in air was determined in our drag racing car as an example. A corresponding increase in fuel was the best way to maintain an optimum air to […]


Drag Racing Gainsville Raceway, Fl; NHRA Baby Gators, Mar 4-7, ’21; NHRA Gatornationals, Mar. 11-14, ’21; AIR DENSITY for tuning, map for wind/track direction Edinburg Motorsports Park, Edinburg, TX; IHRA Sportsman, Mar 20, ’21; AIR DENSITY for tuning, map for wind/track direction Farmington dragway, NC; 336 Presents Lucky 13 Track, Mar 13, ’21; Test & […]