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Optimum Air/fuel ratio

Is there an optimal air/fuel ratio for drag racing engines? While air/fuel ratio is important for fuel system management, there is no one optimum air/fuel ratio.  These depend on engine type, fuel type, and engine modifications.  Below are examples of some optimum air/fuel ratios for specific drag racing engine examples: engine induction fuel air/fuel ratio […]

Fuel Injection Fuel Splits in Front Mounted Superchargers of the 1950’s

Recently, I read a couple Hot Rod magazines from the 1950’s. In 1958, my favorite (mechanical fuel injection) propelled several Bonneville racers over 200 MPH. One went around 290 MPH. Those racer builders were the performance leaders of the time with amazing achievements!   Front mounted superchargers were common. Fuel splits of around 15 to […]

Driver relaxation, nitro launch, safety, and spark plug plating

Relaxation Breathing routines are taught in yoga and relaxation training. They are recommended for a new driver who may be nervous in the early stages of getting licensed to drive a fast racer. One breathing routine is to exhale for a longer time period than the time for inhaling. For example, inhale for a count […]

Racing Tech Info Source

One of our book customers, Mike Chilando, Alkydigger’s Parts and Pieces recently expanded his website to include great racing FI technical references with a lot of info that is additional to our books. Click on for access. Thanks for your efforts & enthusiasm, Mike. I believe anyone in the racing community who accesses this […]

Hilborn Nozzle Size List

Both our ProCalc calculator and our publications illustrate nozzle sizes in diameter.  Hilborn FI nozzles are stamped in flow numbers.  A list is provided showing: Hilborn nozzle flow numbers (times 0.01 equals flow in GPM) approximate nozzle diameter in inches (from Don Enriquez, Hilborn) pressure calibration value called volume area factor or VA factor that […]

New Driver – Part 2

This is a continuation from the last newsletter about relaxation for new drivers.  I am now a professional spectator and I often see new teams with a new driver.  However occasionally I see situations that remind me of what I went through in my early days of racing.  Because of ‘new race driver blues’ and […]


We are well into the new year.  To help racers, we are offering downloads of text files of two of our organizational checklists.  With these files, the racer can add or delete items from a copy as needed. Throughout our past racing, we wrote up checklists of tasks as reminders.   That started after oversights in […]