Spectacular New Engine Developments Applicable to Racing

Some new highway engines sport a dramatic change to camshaft timing for improved efficiency, emissions, and performance. Each of these apply to high compression ratio engines. However, they rely on special camshaft timing to reduce the compression ratio to retard pre-ignition. An increased expansion ratio from a higher compression ratio remains that achieves improved engine […]

Bad Advice about Tire Shake

Years ago at a drag strip in Michigan, I was testing my funny car dragster. I thought it had a tire shake problem. Some macho passerby’s in the pits said “If you can’t drive through tire shake, you don’t belong behind the wheel!” The next run, I launched and the vibration was so bad, I […]

Recent articles

Recently Bob and Jennifer contributed content for an online publication. The amount of information they needed was minimal but Bob and Jennifer decided to expand on the content and provide it for anyone who might benefit. Key elements to engine tuning Optimum Air/Fuel Ratio in drag racing Is Ignition Timing the First Thing to Dial […]