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Chris Murphy customer update

Monday, June 18th, 2018

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 12:42 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:
Hi Bob, I have Don Geradot’s Yellow ’78 Corvette Funny Car… John Dunn built a 540″ Fuel Hemi that he converted for alcohol: JP-1 Block, Veney fuel heads… SSI 14-71 Blower, Enderle Hat, CS-1 3 speed Lenco, & Crowerglide 3 disc pedal clutch. I have Pastor Bill Huff, who is very well known and respected as my driver. He has 12 years experience driving Alcohol Funny Cars and never as much put a scratch on one. We hope to be capable of dipping into the 6.0 range? If you would like, You can visit our FB page, Pure Madness Racing to see what we are doing. I have a great team assembled, and hopefully we will have fun on the Nostalgia circuit. Thank you for your wonderful books you write and the information you share. You help me more than you may realize! Thank You Again Bob!
Chris Murphy

Sprint Car Racing Stockton 99, Ca. June 15-16

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Dani Noceti & staff at Stockton 99 speedway did another great job organizing this event. All of these racecars on pavement are fast. The turn-around of the various classes was very quick. The racer participants kept their cars reliable with few show interruptions. I was impressed with all of the fuel injection cars storming out of the turns. There were two cars with six 2 barrel carbs on ram manifolds; very impressive. A lot of families were present enjoying the racing vibrations. Thanks to the staff for all their effort conducting on a great show.

Tom Manning Memorial race: Gun Slingers Wing Sprint Car Series, Midgets, Vintage Midgets, Ca Hard Top, Legends & others. We’ll be there taking photos and studying the setups. Let us know if you are racing, and we’ll look you up.

High HP from Rons MFI Throttle Bodies

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Rons Fuel Injection provided MFI throttle body flow data so that we could analyze the power potential of these low cost, simple fuel injection systems. Racing engine sizes and horsepower potentials were determined at these flow cfm numbers for 100% air density, and are included.

Rons FI MFI Toilets

3-3/4″ = 1240cfm: can feed 595 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 RPM with 1,071 HP at 1.8 HP / ci
4″ = 1435cfm: can feeds 689 cubic engine @ 8,000 RPM with 1,240 HP at 1.8 HP / ci
4.1″ = 1800cfm: can feeds 864 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 RPM with 1,555 HP at 1.8 HP / ci

Rons FI MFI Terminators

1-7/8″ = 1150cfm: can feed 552 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 RPM with 993 HP at 1.8 HP / ci
2-1/8″ = 1475cfm: can feed 708 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 RPM with 1,274 HP at 1.8 HP / ci
2-1/2″ = 2100cfm: can feed 1,008 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 RPM with 1,814 HP at 1.8 HP / ci

Rons FI MFI T2’s

2-1/8″ = 1880cfm: can feed 902 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 with 1,624 HP at 1.8 HP / ci
2.400″ = 2300cfm: can feed 1,008 cubic inch engine @ 8,000 with 1,814 HP at 1.8 HP / ci.

The engine sizes that can be supported by these various throttle body assemblies are quite high. The horsepower potentials are reasonable and also quite high from these very simple fuel systems. The beauty of mechanical fuel injection is that smaller engines can also be fed by these throttle bodies without bogging. Fuel injection pumps fuel into each intake port at high pressure when the throttle is slammed open. Further more, air is not interrupted by venturies or boosters. Stand back!

Thanks to Alan Greszler, Rons Fuel Injection.

Note: The engine size and HP additions were determined using the following math:

step (1) cfm x 12 x 12 x 12 = cubic inches per minute
step (2) cubic inches per minute / 8,000 RPM = cubic inches per revolution
step (3) cubic inches per revolution x 2 = cubic inches of 4 cycle engine (normally aspirated)
step (4) cubic inches of 4 cycle engine / 0.9 = adjusted cubic inches @ 90% VE
step (5) adjusted cubic inches at 90% VE x 1.8 = horsepower assuming 1.8 HP / cubic inch.

Top Notch Fuel Injection Tuning

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Due to popular demand, we can now provide our ProCalc fuel injection jetting calculator already set up to run your fuel injection combination. This special service includes an extensive evaluation of your fuel injection setup and a custom fuel injection manual all about your engine. We have already done different fuel injection configurations, fuels, and various racing classes. We also did the service in different countries. It is strongly air/fuel ratio based. A few records & championships resulted. Info at:

Anti-stumble in the Normally (Naturally) Aspirated Engine World

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Engler Stumble Valve
A recent provision from Tim Engler is his stumble valve.  It is a normally open bypass valve that closes with pressure. 

Note: Most conventional fuel injection bypass valves are normally closed and open with pressure, such as for a high speed lean-out function.

Racing with Fuel Pump Inlet Restrictors

Friday, December 8th, 2017


Restricted Fuel Pump Sizing with Inlet Restrictors

Certain racing classes specify fuel pump flow value limits.  The common way to achieve this is fuel pump size.  However, another way to achieve this is to restrict the fuel pump inlet using a larger fuel pump.  When this is done, it cavitates the fuel pump, limiting the output.  In Nostalgia A-fuel drag racing, this is the latest method to reach the fuel pump rating.  Previously a smaller fuel pump was used to reach the fuel pump rating.  The more recent change provides an advantage.  At lower fuel pump operating speeds, higher fuel pump volumes are achieved with the restricted larger pump than those from the previous smaller pump.  Record runs in Nostalgia A-fuel dropped from low 6 second ETs to high 5 second ETs with this change.  These engines are drunk on power from greater amounts of high percentage nitromethane fuel mixtures at the lower engine speeds even though they have essentially the same amount of fuel at the high end as before.