Drag Racing FC Chaos, Texas Motorplex, 2022 World Finals Recap

We enjoyed entertainment of the FC Chaos world finals at Texas Motorplex, in October, 2022.  The racing facilities are quite first class.  Our thanks to Homer Doherty who met us at the entrance for the facility.  Homer transported us (and many others) around the pits in his electric cart, where-ever we needed to go.  This service was provided as a free courtesy to the spectators.

We met the FC Chaos race director, Chris Graves.  Chris and his wife, Tera, put on quite a show of supercharged alcohol and nitro powered drag racers.

We also met Christie who is the daughter of Billy Meyer, the track owner.  We met Barry Johnson, Christie’s husband.  All were Texas friendly and welcoming.  The track is noted for exceptional traction.  Track staff worked on the surface relentlessly keeping traction at peak.

Note: Billy Meyer raced nitro funnycars years ago when an accidental discovery of the enhancing effect of a larger fuel pump size suddenly bumped the performance level.  Prior to this, nitro fuel pumps were around 15 GPM.  The large fuel pump added a few GPM of nitro mixture and, I believe, about 5 mph to the class record.  After finding this effect, racers started an evolution of competition with fuel pump size increases, now over 100 GPM in the drag racing pro categories.

FC Chaos drag racing was fantastic.  The FC Chaos show is all-out 1/8th mile drag racing.  It includes funnycars and blown altered.  Other classes of drag racers were there to complete the show.  The FC Chaos program includes levels of competition for all entrants.  Everyone gets to run the program.

Many of the alcohol powered blown cars seemed to be repeating a similar combination.  That was a top-of-the-line long block with a state-of-the-art high helix 14-71 blower way up there at 35 to 50% overdrive.  This combination can make well over 2,500 horsepower.  With state-of-the-art parts, engine combinations appear to be reliable and very fast.  Some of the cars hit 1/8th mile speeds over 200 MPH.  Some hit ET’s in the 3 second zone.  Much of the rounds were side-by-side racing.  Visibility from the stands from anywhere is excellent.   Parking is abundant.  The location is southeast of Dallas, Texas.

Many of the competitors used airdensityonline.com for hourly weather.  Several used our ProCalc jetting calculator to manage their fuel injection tune-up.

Our thanks to all of the staff for the excellent show and the exceptional Texas courtesy!

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