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Fuel Injection Jetting: More Power

Pro-Calcs, our on-line MFI jetting calculator, was upgraded: 1. nitro methanol fuel mixtures; Pro-Calcs will determine jetting for nitro additions to meth’l from 0 to 100%; by volume or weight; also procedures for E85 and for gas. 2. correction to data conflicts from various jetting combinations 3. jetting printouts in CVS format to down-load into […]

Fuel Injection Setup & Tuning

… by Experience & Gut Feel Throughout the racing community, experience and gut feel are the most common methods for the selection of nozzle and jet size numbers for setup and tuning of mechanical fuel injection. It is a form of iteration or ‘connecting the dots’. Given enough time and expense, experience from good and […]

New Jetting tech manuals

Now available: Jetting manuals for SMALL block (150 to 450 ci) and BIG block (400 to 900 ci) normally aspirated V-8s on methanol; help with these publications provided by Gene Adams, Jim Kinsler, Earl Miller @ Kinsler, Jim Rehfeld @ Enderle, Don Enriquez @ Hilborn, and Danny Miller of Engine Masters.