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Fuel Injection Problems

Mechanical fuel injection operation is simple compared to most other motorsports fuel systems.  Good performance depends on a good setup.  However, many different problems can occur from an improper setup that are discussed throughout our books, MFI tech, and air density tech publications.  Here is a summary of several. Baseline Setup Challenge Many mechanical fuel […]

NA Racing Engine Intake Design vs Cylinder Volume

Normally aspirated (NA) racing engines are popular throughout the world, both in land and water motorsports.  When the intake valve opens in this design, the piston changes direction from exhaust evacuation to intake inlet.  As the piston goes down the cylinder, air pressure drops.  Atmospheric pressure that is higher is outside of the engine.  That […]

Converting from Gas To Methanol

Considerations for converting from gas to methanol for motorsports: Methanol is corrosive.  Fuel systems need to be upgraded to corrosion inhibitive components not necessary in fuel systems for gas. Methanol requires approximately twice the amount of fuel for the same power level as gas.  Fuel pumps and jetting need to be upgraded for the higher […]