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Contaminated Hand Sanitizer

Several hand sanitizers are reported to be contaminated with methanol.  Among those reported on Fox Business News are Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer and several others manufactured in Mexico.  Our 5000 Horsepower on Methanol tech manual has an entire chapter on methanol hazards to skin, lungs, eyes, etc.  It is reported that methanol cannot be made […]

Still Shipping Fuel Injection, Methanol, Nitro Racing Tech Books

Note Latest Addition: All of our Book Inventory was packaged and shrink wrapped before the December, 2019.  A gift of one or more of our books to your favorite racer should be free of the latest COVID 19 spread that going around. Note: While many around the world are shutting down, we are still shipping […]

Air Density for 2020 Fomoso March Meet, Nost. Drag Racing

Free air density, density altitude, water grains, for fuel injection tuning; wind & direction for ram air tuning, map location: Hourly forecast: Historical air density data: Metric air density data: