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Race Day Checklists

As introduced in our previous newsletters, checklists were assembled as good reminders for the numerous tasks & hardware that we would need for racing. Note that going through checklist items and organizing the records can be done by an enthusiastic pit crew member, such as a spouse, relative, or friend who is intimate with the […]

Safety Certifications Checklist

Safety certifications When you arrive at a racing event, the last thing you need is trouble searching for safety certification info for the race event inspector.  We wrote out everything on a Safety log and handed a copy to the inspector.  The safety inspection was completed easily, and we could concentrate on the race day […]


We are well into the new year.  To help racers, we are offering downloads of text files of two of our organizational checklists.  With these files, the racer can add or delete items from a copy as needed. Throughout our past racing, we wrote up checklists of tasks as reminders.   That started after oversights in […]