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Solutions to Idle Lope in Mechanical Fuel Injection

Customer Inquiry One of our customers recently inquired about idle lope in his funnycar dragster.  ‘What can I do to minimize idle surge on our funny car?  It’s difficult to stage at the starting line.  It has a Bruno (torque converter), Lenco transmission, Enderle Bird Catcher fuel injection hat, Enderle K type barrel valve with […]

Rons Low Cost Throttle Body Fuel Injection CFM & HP Capabilities

Rons Fuel Injection has provided us with air flow data for their throttle body setups.  We analyzed the power potential of these simple and very popular fuel injection systems. Racing engine size capabilities were determined at the flow CFM numbers provided by Rons Fuel Injection.  For 100% air density, horsepower capabilities were also determined. Rons […]

Fuel Injection Setup & Tuning

… by Experience & Gut Feel Throughout the racing community, experience and gut feel are the most common methods for the selection of nozzle and jet size numbers for setup and tuning of mechanical fuel injection. It is a form of iteration or ‘connecting the dots’. Given enough time and expense, experience from good and […]

Uniform Standard of Units

Throughout our publications, air intake and fuel delivery values are converted to a ‘uniform standard of units’. That is “pounds per revolution”. The tuning demands for weight of air and weight of fuel become easy to understand, record, and analyze with that numerical value. And easy to change in fine tuning increments with this simple […]


Question: How did you dial in your mechanical fuel injection setup for bracket racing? Answer: Our tune-up is set up to be in a linear range. That is when we increase the shift point, our ET is proportionately lower. When we lower our shift point, our ET is proportionately higher. That is a result of […]


Question: Is it difficult to bracket race with mechanical fuel injection compared to carburetors? Answer: (I) I met an interesting competitor in IHRA when I was writing the TECH STOP who ran an injected normally aspirated small block. It was set up by Kinsler. He said he never has to change a jet or make […]