Fuel Injection Racing Secrets – 2nd Edition

Fuel Injection Racing Secrets$49.99

  • Recommended by Jim Kinsler of Kinsler Fuel Injection.
  • Recommended by Jim Rehfeld, fuel injection expert at Enderle Fuel Injection.
  • Recommended by Vernon Tomlinson, Hilborn Fuel Injection.

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-200 pages
-240 B&W photos, drawings, and data tables

-information about most major manufacturers of constant flow fuel injection in the US including Enderle, Hilborn, Kinsler, Ron’s, and others.

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High and low HP applications

There is a power difference between:
(a) small and large fuel injection engines
(b) inexpensive & high dollar cylinder heads
(c) mild & radical cams, and many other parts.

However, the engine will not run well with any of these unless the fuel injection is set up properly. This book tells about setups used by successful race engine tuners to reach that goal.

About the book

This book provides knowledge about mechanical fuel injection for more powerful and reliable performance.

Mechanical fuel injection is the preferred choice in:
1. many drag racing applications
2. other forms of auto racing
3. boat racing drag and circle
4. custom auto & boat shows
5. go Kart
6. Junior drags.

The drag race blown alcohol application is highlighted as an example although much of the information is applicable to other auto and boating sports. Additional information is provided for fuel injection tuning of gasoline, ethanol, and nitomethanol powered race engines as well.

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