Team Boddie Racing @ Sac Raceway Oct. 26-27 was a hit!

After: What an event.  Thousands of racers, families, friends, and enthusiasts attended this wonderful event; the Boddie team and Sacramento Raceway really know how to put on a great drag racing show; the highlight for me was the grudge race between Boddie’s ProMod Nova and the Dragzine ProMod Corvette; probably over 6,000 HP on the starting line; winner take all; Boddie won it to a cheering crowd; many thanks to the Dragzine team for competing with their first class racecar; like the Dragzine tech articles as well.

Before: That time again for Team Boddie drag racing at the Sacramento Raceway, Fri. Oct. 26 and Sat. Oct 27.  This event usually brings out a lot of drag racing fans to watch 2,000 HP door slammers competing in the fast eighth mi.  Let us know if you’re going.  We’ll look you up.