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NHRA Wild Horse Motorsports preseason testing

Read those spark plugs for good NHRA drag racing preseason tuning; check for current air density, density altitude, water grains, temperature, humidity, uncorrected barometer, wind speed, wind direction, dew point, saturation pressure, vapor pressure in imperial or metric units; yesterday’s record  and tomorrow forecast  already determined in air density units.  Check for free air density calculations.  Check for mechanical fuel injection jetting calculator.

New Years Day Drag Racing Sacramento Raceway

test & tune Mon 12 to 4 12-31-18

racing Tue all day 1-1-19

event air density / density altitude / grains / map:

event air density forecast:

event info:

air density of other US tracks:

air density for International tacks world wide:

Team Boddie Racing @ Sac Raceway Oct. 26-27 was a hit!

After: What an event.  Thousands of racers, families, friends, and enthusiasts attended this wonderful event; the Boddie team and Sacramento Raceway really know how to put on a great drag racing show; the highlight for me was the grudge race between Boddie’s ProMod Nova and the Dragzine ProMod Corvette; probably over 6,000 HP on the starting line; winner take all; Boddie won it to a cheering crowd; many thanks to the Dragzine team for competing with their first class racecar; like the Dragzine tech articles as well.

Before: That time again for Team Boddie drag racing at the Sacramento Raceway, Fri. Oct. 26 and Sat. Oct 27.  This event usually brings out a lot of drag racing fans to watch 2,000 HP door slammers competing in the fast eighth mi.  Let us know if you’re going.  We’ll look you up.