Chris Murphy customer update

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 Chris Murphy wrote:
Hi Bob, I have Don Geradot’s Yellow ’78 Corvette Funny Car… John Dunn built a 540″ Fuel Hemi that he converted for alcohol: JP-1 Block, Veney fuel heads… SSI 14-71 Blower, Enderle Hat, CS-1 3 speed Lenco, & Crowerglide 3 disc pedal clutch. I have Pastor Bill Huff, who is very well known and respected as my driver. He has 12 years experience driving Alcohol Funny Cars and never as much put a scratch on one. We hope to be capable of dipping into the 6.0 range? If you would like, You can visit our FB page, Pure Madness Racing to see what we are doing. I have a great team assembled, and hopefully we will have fun on the Nostalgia circuit. Thank you for your wonderful books you write and the information you share. You help me more than you may realize! Thank You Again Bob!
Chris Murphy