ProCalc Free Tryout

Pro-calcs is our on-line fuel injection jetting calculator with 4 different jetting programs. You can now try it out for free for 30 days.

  • One program calculates the main bypass jet size
  • The second program calculates the nozzles
  • The third one calculates jetting for a fuel pressure target
  • The forth one calculates the air to fuel ratio & fuel pressure.

Over the last few months, Pro-Calcs, was also upgraded:

  • Percent nitro mixtures with methanol can be analyzed
  • Nitro ratios can be determined by fuel weight or volume
  • Several normally asp. & blown sample baselines can now be selected from a list
  • Conflicts from some unique data combinations were removed
  • Jetting printouts in CVS format can now be downloaded into a computer app such as Excel.

Try it out: free trial.