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High HP from Rons MFI Throttle Bodies

Rons Fuel Injection provided MFI throttle body flow data so that we could analyze the power potential of these low cost, simple fuel injection systems. Racing engine sizes and horsepower potentials were determined at these flow cfm numbers for 100% air density, and are included. Rons FI MFI Toilets 3-3/4″ = 1240cfm: can feed 595 […]

Pulsing the Fuel Curve

Outlaw ProMod drag racing setups with mechanical fuel injection are hitting over 4,000 horsepower. The oversize PSI screw blowers at high overdrive ratios are common. These are not legal in most national drag racing classes. But in eighth mile outlaw racing, they are common. Horsepower levels in the 3,000’s are typical on the launch with […]

Race Day Checklists

As introduced in our previous newsletters, checklists were assembled as good reminders for the numerous tasks & hardware that we would need for racing. Note that going through checklist items and organizing the records can be done by an enthusiastic pit crew member, such as a spouse, relative, or friend who is intimate with the […]

Launching the Valve for More HP

Crane Cams, Daytona Beach, Florida, had an impressive display at the SEMA show. Chase Knight, valve train product manager, provided some interesting information about their racing cam shaft developments using the Spintron valve train testing machine. A development from special camshaft lift curves and testing is launching the cam lifter off the cam lobe at […]

Checklists (Continued …)

As introduced in our previous newsletters, we assembled checklists as good reminders for tasks & hardware that we would need for racing. View packing checklist View safety certifications checklist View tow vehicle checkout list; trailer checkout list View prior to race day checklist (see below). In this Newsletter, checklists are provided for preparation that we […]

Fuel Injection Fuel Splits in Front Mounted Superchargers of the 1950’s

Recently, I read a couple Hot Rod magazines from the 1950’s. In 1958, my favorite (mechanical fuel injection) propelled several Bonneville racers over 200 MPH. One went around 290 MPH. Those racer builders were the performance leaders of the time with amazing achievements!   Front mounted superchargers were common. Fuel splits of around 15 to […]