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Kind words from Jim Kinsler

When we released our latest book, High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel Injection, we received a very kind letter from Jim Kinsler of Kinsler Fuel Injection: To: Bob Szabo I have enjoyed reading through your “High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel Injection”. Very nicely done! Bob, it is nice to see how thoroughly you do […]


Recently we’ve gotten some positive feedback we wanted to share: “Thank You for the prompt reply and formulas you provided, now onward…….. Just want to tell you how much your books helped me in the tuning area. The reading was technical but interesting and informative. I found myself reading each chapter twice before moving on […]

Fuel Injection Nozzle Fuel Velocity

Recently, we did an analysis of fuel velocity coming out of a mechanical fuel injection nozzle. Fuel velocity is a function of fuel pressure. Higher pressures make higher fuel velocities. We found that fuel velocities from common fuel pressure ranges were below the port air velocity in normally aspirated engines. This could explain why, in […]