Our books tell how to make a lot of horsepower with fuel injection through precise air-to-fuel-ratio control; done with engine nozzle & jetting setup and tuning. Airdensityonline developed a jetting & air-to-fuel-ratio calculator for web ready devices: cell phone, IPAD, lap top, IPhone, etc. Now the racer can check weather at the race event and determine accurate jetting changes. The racer can then determine optimum nozzle & jetting sizes to hold the best air-to-fuel-ratio. Or determine nozzles & jetting to optimize air-to-fuel-ratio for more performance. You can move the air-to-fuel-ratio in accurate, fine increments to REALLY ZERO IN on max performance.

This calculator can be ordered with your book order through…id=54

A prototype of this same calculator was used to check out all of the jetting setups from proven racers throughout our books. In our small block & big block jetting manuals, it was used to generate the nozzle & jetting data tables that were approved by our expert peer group of fuel injection manufacturers.